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False Ceiling


Gypsum False Ceiling Contractors In Dubai

Alfaanalraqi Interior Design ceiling Contractor in Dubai stands by its promise of quality and reliability in every deal and in every False contract, it enters. We are popular across the UAE as one of the top league quality ceiling contractors in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman and as well as one of the best gypsum contractors in Dubai. We undertake all kinds of false and gypsum work projects of various levels, from small homes to apartments and little office cabins to multinational office setups. Our cost-effective ceiling solutions won't only provide a stylish and attractive look to your home and office but also keep your premises warm in winter and funky in summer. We have earned wide fame as one of the best ceiling contractors available in Dubai.

Our Motive

Here may be a proverb in English, “First impressions are the simplest impressions”. It is possible to impress someone to the extent that impression longs for an extended time. Alfaanalraqi Company Dubai is doing exactly what I am talking about. We supply the foremost stylish and attractive ceiling boards across Dubai and UAE to win the impressions of individuals. Being one of the highest 10 Ceiling suppliers in Dubai, AAQ Ceiling Company Dubai is getting to capture the whole market width of ceiling contractors in Dubai and as well as the gypsum contractors in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman.

Being one of the topmost ceiling companies in Dubai, We give all its credits to its employees and workers. Our 150+ employees are the key role players in our success as a leading false contractor in Dubai. Their skill and knowledge alone have taken us to the present level, we take respect to possess them with us. We follow a strict line for every job and we deliver the best possible quality solutions to our customers. We hate the word ‘Compromise’, and we love the phrase ‘Customer Satisfaction’. We invite you to take our service, please write to us for any kind of ceiling and gypsum works in Dubai.

Where to Install a Gypsum False Quality Ceiling

There’s really no limit to where you'll install a ceiling in your home, but popular options are:

  • Living Room
  • Bed Room
  • Kids Room
  • The Kitchen
  • The Dining Room

What is a Ceiling?

In simple terms, a false ceiling may be a fitted ceiling that hangs below the first ceiling of an area or home. It’s usually suspended by metal frames and the illusion it brings of a lower ceiling, sometimes with parts of the original ceiling on display, has earned it the moniker ‘dropped ceiling.’ These are usually mounted at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the first ceiling. They’re versatile enough to be constructed in homes it’s all about being clever with shapes and available space.

They’ll apply the paint with an expert quality touch, feathering edges for a smooth finish and eliminating streaks and invisible drip marks.

We assure the subsequent gypsum and ceiling works that are of high quality to our customers:

  • Ceiling Works for Homes
  • Ceiling Works for Office
  • Workstation Ceiling Works
  • Gypsum Board Ceiling Works

Gypsum ceiling:

In Plaster-of-Paris and gypsum boards, the edges and corners are often decorated with attractive designs. In Plaster-of-Paris, ornamental designs can also be molded. The material is smooth and aids lighting. The downside is that comparatively they lack durability and discolor with time

POP Ceiling:

PVC Ceilings are made up of a strong plastic material called PVC. They are attractive, last for years, and need almost no maintenance. PVC Ceiling Panels offer the house owner a cost-efficient alternative to regular rhino lite ceilings. PVC Ceiling panels offer excellent insulation, keeping you warm in winter and funky during the summer. The PVC Ceiling Panels are available in a huge sort of colors and styles offering an aesthetic ceiling for a fraction of the value of normal ceilings.

Types of Gypsum ceilings (based on material)

  • Metal ceilings
  • Gypsum ceilings
  • Glass ceiling
  • PVC ceiling
  • Wooden ceilings
  • Fiber ceiling
  • Synthetic leather or cloth ceiling

In the olden days, wooden ceilings were vastly used and therefore the preferred choice. Today, you'll choose between a good range of ceiling materials including asbestos sheets, bamboosheets, jute, coir-ply, Plaster-of-Paris, plastics, particle boards, decorative aluminum panels,aluminum, and plastic composite materials. Both Aluminum T-sections and iron are usually used for the structure.There are basically two types of ceilings – Grid and Plain. Grid ceilings are those during which channels to which the ceiling materials are fixed are often seen. These are available within the size of 2′ x 2′ and 2′ x 4′. The gridwork remains hidden in the plain ceiling.

Popular Fals'e Ceiling Materials

  • Gypsum Ceiling: Gypsum is an offspring of calcium and is employed within the construction of lightweight ceilings. They usually are available in the shape of boards that are then hung off the ceiling with iron or wooden frameworks and given a lick of paint.
  • Plaster of Paris Ceiling: This is a more common sort of ceilings, not least because PoP is straightforward to shape and source. They’re long-lasting and are well-insulated even in varying weather
  • Wooden Ceiling: Due to their natural grain and textures, wood has found its way onto the fifth wall repeatedly, within the sort of a ceiling. It’s a tad on the pricier side, which is why you’d presumably see it in residential buildings as against large-scale commercial projects.

Types of False Gypsum Ceiling Designs

  • Single-layered Ceiling
  • This type of gypsum false ceiling may be fool-proof thanks to juice up an area without going the entire hog. Homeowners could prefer to leave it white on a white ceiling, as this adds dimension without necessarily overwhelming the space. However, if you’d wish to leave with a bang, you'll choose between a spread of colors, shapes, textures, and lighting options to draw attention. upwards immediately. This is an excellent trick to distract from a little space or one that doesn’t do much in terms of decor.

  • Multi-layered False Tile Ceiling
  • Layers are a great way to experiment with an already versatile medium to create a completely personalized ceiling. In larger rooms, a multi-layered ceiling within the middle of the ceiling creates drama, and thus the sensation of grandeur, while those laid out near the edges are more likely to make space look wider. A multi-layered ceiling also opens up new avenues for lighting, color, and shape-based experiments, so don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscles!

  • Plus-Minus POP False Gypsum Ceiling
  • Constructed completely out of POP, the plus-minus ceiling design is where there are elements protruding out of a daily gypsum ceiling or, against this, tucked into it. This trend is more on the flowery side, so make certain to think about existing decor plans and therefore the amount of space you've got before fooling around with this concept.


Adding a ceiling to an existing or new interior design plan enlivens the space. It also creates a comfortable ambiance and earns brownie points for supporting lower energy bills!


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Alfannalraqi is a fully licensed and trusted company, with 10+ years of experience along with 150+ talented and experienced employees. We are ranked among the best Interior Fitout, Cleaning service, Painting Work, Gypsum False Ceiling, and Handyman Company in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. We offer unique and best matching solutions for all your interior designing purposes. We believe that high-quality installation & fixation is one of the most important factors in a good Interior system.We are a specialized and all-in-one approach to you for your (Home, Shop, Apartment, Building, Villa, Hotel, School,and Hospital) renovation maintenance or new project.

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